Technology is ever-changing and a key part of every business. Whether you need assistance in organizational change in your IT department, establishing frameworks for IT support or software development, or leadership for a technical project, Callent has the expertise to get it done.

Callent provides expert consulting services for organizations in the areas of technical strategic planning, information management, IT service management, governance and compliance, and project leadership.

Core Services


All business decisions should be made with rigorous due diligence; selecting the appropriate technology frameworks should be no different. In the ever-expanding world of IT management there are many options besides Agile Scrum, by-the-book ITIL, or SAFE. Callent is the ideal partner to work with your organization to find the best framework(s) to fit your unique needs.

IT Service Management

IT operations extend far beyond the service desk. IT Service Management encompasses architecture planning, infrastructure projects and support, change and release management, and everything in between. Partner with Callent to analyze your current IT operations processes and build a road map for complete IT Service Management.

Compliance Management

Compliance can be a variable alphabet soup of regulations – PCI, SOX, HIPAA, HITECH, SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27000, GMP, PEN – and many of them overlap. Callent’s specialized resources are your easy-button to sort out the technical regulatory and audit requirements for your business.

Organization and Change Management

The organizational structure of your IT department has a large influence in satisfaction for your employees. With new technical solutions and software coming to market daily, requiring 5+ years of experience for new IT hires is often no longer sustainable. Leverage Callent to streamline and optimize your organizational structure, hiring techniques, and staffing needs. 

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